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The European project “CrossEUWBA” pursues the overall objective of facilitating the funding of women entrepreneurs (WE) through women business angels (WBAs) and contributing to the creation of a sustainable base of private investment in Europe.

CrossEUWBA is structured around the three activity blocks:

  • “Information, awareness raising and communication activities”, that will bring about a change in mindsets and even out the current lack of awareness on existing and new WBA networks, their funding opportunities and role models.
  • “Training and mentoring activities” that shall prepare novice WBA through peer-learning and practical training as well as help WE to train pitching skills and relevant business strategies.
  • “Community-building, matchmaking and networking activities” under which novice WBAs will be recruited, WE and WBAs will be effectively matched (facilitating also cross-border matching), and peer-learning among WBA networks/ clubs/associations shall be enhanced for sustainable community building.


Main objectives:

  • To better understand the success factors, obstacles and challenges that women are facing to become WBAs to increase the number of WBAs in Europe, particularly in countries with low participation.
  • To increase the diversity of WBAs and the number of sectors that benefit from WBA investment.
  • To increase the number of ready-for investment women entrepreneurs’ projects.
  • To effectively match WBAs and WE, also through cross-border investments.
  • To network, build a community and contribute to promoting a favourable and sustainable environment for the emergence of WBA networks/association/clubs. 
  • To create at least 5 new WBA clubs/associations or networks, recruit and prepare at least 85 novice WBAs and train 200 WE.

The project brings together the expertise of 1 WBA club, 2 Chambers of Commerce and 3 business support organisations with expertise in WE from 5 European countries, namely: Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Spain and Greece.




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