Management board


Małgorzata Oleszczuk

a.i. President of PARP

For 18 years she has been professionally involved with EU funds. She worked at the European Integration Committee Office, where she implemented the National Programme of Preparations for European Union Membership and also participated in the implementation of PHARE and Transition Facility. Since 2008 she continued her professional career in Mazowieckie Province Office, where she supervised the implementation of tasks of the Intermediate Body for Certification in the Regional Operational Programme of Mazowieckie Voivodship 2007-2013, as well as the implementation of programmes dedicated to local self-government entities - National Roads Construction Programme and the Municipal and District Road Development Programme. She represented the Mazowieckie Province in Monitoring Committees of OPI&E 2007-2013, ROP MV 2007-2013 and 2014-2020 and the Working Group on counteracting irregularities and fraud against the financial interests of the EU. She is a graduate of Warsaw University. She has completed many courses and trainings in human resource management, public finance, EU funds and policy.

Adam Banaszak

Deputy President of PARP


Mikołaj Różycki

Deputy President of PARP


Supervisory board


  • Joanna Sauter-Kunach - the Chairperson of the Board,
  • Małgorzata Szczepańska - the Deputy to the Chairperson of the Board,
  • Katarzyna Blachowicz  - Member of the Board,
  • Jerzy Korolewicz - Member of the Board,
  • Piotr Dilling - Member of the Board,
  • Sylwia Sobolewska - Member of the Board.
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