Public procurement in Italy (EN)
Author: Diego Albesano

The Italian public procurement legislation is based on the UE procurement principles.
Their ultimate goal is the realisation of the internal market, guaranteeing equal opportunities for all enterprises.
The total value of the contracts above the 40,000.00 € threshold amounted to 111.5 billion € in 2016.
Among the supplies the categories that stand out were pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and electricity distribution, whereas in services provi-sion were urban waste collection and management services, social services, cleaning services, water and energy distribution-related services, rail and transport services, ICT consulting services.
With regard to the contracts awarded in 2016, approximately 21.3% have been awarded with an open procedure, while 65.6% through a negotiated procedure or a direct assignment.
The number of public buyers in Italy are approx. 31,000.

Table of Contents

The European Framework
Italian thresholds
Good to know

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