Easy access to cross border public procurement (EN)
Author: Collective Work

The guide under the title: “Easy access to cross border public procurement” focused in Spain, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy and France provides the definitive starting point for entrepreneurs, allowing to move forward with confidence and with the key information about the public procurement markets at the fingertips.

To ease understanding, the guide has been laid out in as logical a manner as possible, and has been sub-divided by country into 5 national sections, with each section adopting the same consistent structure. Each national section includes:
Autor: the PPACT (Public Procurement & Cross-border tendering.

Table of Contents

1) An overview of public procurement,
2) Information on the different public sector organisations in that country,
3) Details on how to find out about opportunities including the various web-based portals available,
4) Information on rules, processes and key procurement policies pertinent to each country,
5) Market trends related to cross-border public procurement,
6) “smart City” Public Procurement Trends and Developments (the “Smart City” sector is a particular sector of the public procurement market that the PPACT project has a particular focus on),
7) Hints and tips in bidding for public sector contracts in each country as a foreign supplier.

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