The Innovatives - Good Practices (EN)
Author: Jerzy Gontarz, Karolina Dorywalska

The assistance provided by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development lets the entrepreneurs – both those who are only starting their business and those with a well-grounded position on the market – develop research and innovative activity and extend their operation both locally - by making use of the Internet or listing on the stock exchange, and internationally - by developing export potential. PARP provides support also to business environment institutions which have direct influence on the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises in Poland.

The Agency’s activities bring tangible results. The funds that are distributed address our strategic objective, namely the creation of favourable conditions for sustainable development of Polish economy. From this perspective we are more of ”an investor”. Public money is ‘invested’ to accomplish one of the most important goals for Poland at the moment - development of companies. Economic development programmes are implemented primarily through supporting research and innovation activities of small and medium-sized enterprises. Other areas of our interest include regional development, exports, investment in human resources and the use of new technologies.

As for the end of June 2011, more than 68% of PARP’s budget available under OP IE has already been allocated. This success could not have been possible without the support of our partners: business environment institutions, social partners, regional authorities and ministries: Ministry of Regional Development, Ministry of the Economy, Ministry of the Interior and Administration and Ministry of Science and Higher Education and – most of all – without the active participation of the enterprises themselves.

This publication provides examples of numerous projects that were put into life mainly through OP IE support. Large investments where millions of zlotys have been involved are presented side-by-side with successful projects of microenterprises. The examples presented herein show how varied the forms of support offered under the Operational Programme Innovative Economy may be as well as the abundance of initiatives of entrepreneurs who actively participate in creating a truly innovative economy.

Table of Contents

Research and implement
Capital for innovation
Good design
Innovative investment
Intellectual property
Passport to export

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