Polish Manufacturers of Equipment for the Agriculture and the Food Industry (EN) (IT)
Author: Krzysztof Garski

Polish sector of agricultural machinery has been developing dynamically since 2000, when Poland started to receive aid for modernisation from the pre-accession funds (PHARE, SAPARD). Co-financing by the European Union a half of the costs of purchasing machinery gave a development impetus for the producers of this kind of machinery. The producers of agricultural machinery had also used the EU funds to modernise the production technology.

After the accession of Poland to the European Union in 2004, the pace of development of the sector accelerated even more, with sale to the EU markets playing an increasingly significant part. Today, around 50 plants manufacturing agricultural equipment are the core of this sector. These are usually middle-sized enterprises, but several are large companies, employing over 250 people. Moreover, some 200 small enterprises operate on the market, which produce agricultural equipment and which grow dynamically. Their ownership structure is based predominantly on private Polish capital.

Polish production plants today manufacture all kinds of machinery used in agriculture (except for most of self-propelled large machines). The agricultural machinery sector in Poland is characterised by its openness for innovation and cooperation in implementing modern production technologies.

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Il settore delle macchine agricole in Polonia
Produttori polacchi di macchine ed attrezzature per l’industria alimentare ed agricola CATALOGO

The sector of agricultural machinery in Poland
Polish Manufacturers  of Equipment for the Agriculture  and the Food Industry CATALOGUE

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