Catalog of the best e-services & B2B technologies (EN)
Author: Sylwia Wojtas, Adrian Senecki, Anna Spysz, Michał Frączek

Our catalog in PDF format is a collection of the 100 best startups in Poland, which will serve to promote our startup ecosystem in Poland and abroad!

Using a proprietary methodology, whose foun dations are presented in the following e-book, we selected those projects that were above all active online and that our analysis showed as e-services or B2B companies that were known and sought out by users.

This is the third and final edition of the popular e-book that promotes the most interesting and innovative Polish e-services and B2B technolo gies implemented with funding from Measures 8.1 and 8.2 of the Innovative Economy Opera tional Programme. This time, at the end of the implementation period of the Innovative Eco nomy program we examined all of the several thousand companies that have acquired fun ding and were on the ranking lists or described their projects by posting them in folders on the website www. Using a proprietary methodology that will be presented later in the e-book, we selected those projects that provide the greatest value to Internet users measured by the popularity of the service among users.

As regular internet users, we’ve doubtlessly used one of the services that was created as a result of EU co-financing. By analyzing our na tive e-businesses we increasingly find unique, innovative Polish projects that can successfully compete with the best practices abroad. These are the very solutions we present here, side by side with expert analysis from online industries and statements from their founders about their inspirations and further development plans. The goal of this publication is to promote inno vation in the domestic market, identify the best projects financed under Measures 8.1 and 8.2 of the Innovative Economy Operational Program me and encourage new founders to launch online businesses, as well as investors and organizations supporting startups to provide an even greater commitment in this sector of the economy.

Table of Contents

1. Methodology
2. Best practices in online services
3. Best practices in B2B technology
4. Summary
5. Dictionary


Publication date: 2015 ISBN: Type: Good Practices
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