Polish Startup Ecosystem Catalogue (EN)
Author: Sylwia Wojtas, Adrian Senecki, Anna Spysz, Michał Frączek

Since 2008, the project „We support e-business” has carried out ac tivities to support the development of entrepreneurial startups with a focus on supporting startups implementing e-services subsidized under OP IE Measure 8.1. Seven years ago, when the terms startup and in particular the startup ecosystem were a novelty, we made the first attempt to identify the participants in this ecosystem. We have identified the dozen or support institutions that invest in entrepreneurial startups. Today the ecosystem of entrepreneurial startups consists of a total of several thousand startups, investors and institutions. Over the past seven years, during the dynamic development of the startup market, we expanded the scope of the impact and support carried out by the „We support e-business” project. We have expanded our activities to include all startups and not just those funded by OP IE Measure 8.1.

Today, we are on the eve of the completion of the 2007-2013 financial perspective and actively recommending a plan of action for 2014-2020 that aims to develop the entrepreneurship of startups. The first step in the planning and development of startup entrepreneurship is the development of the ecosystem, and the first step in the development of the ecosystem is to identify the participants and their needs. In response, this time at the end of the implementation period of the „We support e-business” project and in view of the implementation of projects under the new financial perspective 2014-2020, we have planned the publication of a direc - tory of startups and institutions for the development of startup entrepreneurship. Therefore, we present the first edition of the Polish Startup Ecosystem Catalogue.

We encourage you to read and to get to know the most interesting startups and the most active institutions supporting startup entrepreneurship from individual voivodeships.

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