Cluster Benchmarking in Poland – 2012 (EN)
Author: Joanna Hołub-Iwan

This cluster benchmarking survey was performed in 2012 on behalf of the Polish Ag ency for Enterprise Devel- opment following the first survey conducted two years ea rlier. The purpose was to assess current development of Polish clusters, determine clus ter trends and provide recommendations for improving management of both cluster organizations and members. Recommendations ma de in the report have been addressed to cluster coordinators and members, scientific institutions and authorities at national and regional levels.

The study was based on a tailor-made cluster benchm arking methodology developed by the expert team in 2008 and presented in the document „Benchmarking klastrów: Opracowani e i opis metodyki benchmarkingu klastrów w Polsce” [“Cluster benchmarking: Developm ent and description of the methodology for cluster benchmarking in Poland”] by A. Nowakowska, PhD, Z. Pr zygodzki, PhD, M. Sokołowicz, PhD, J. Chądzyński, PhD, K. Matusiak, PhD and M. Klepka. Afte r the first benchmarking survey in 2010, the methodology has been revised and simplified. The second benchmar king exercise has been based on the modified version of methodology which provided detailed guidelines regarding the scope and type of research to be performed by experts, as well as the analyses to be conducted.

Table of Contents

1. Methodology of cluster benchmarking
2. Characteristics and development trends of clusters in Poland
3. Processes in clusters
4. Cluster resources
5. Cluster performance
6. Growth potential of clusters
7. Conclusions and recommendations

Publication date: 2012 ISBN: 978-83-7633-155-3 Type: Report
Publisher: Polish Agency for Enterprise Development Subject: Clusters
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