Cluster Benchmarking in Poland – 2010 (EN)
Author: Aleksandra Nowakowska, Zbigniew Przygodzki, Mariusz Sokołowicz, Krzysztof Matusiak, Aleksander Bąkowski

Cluster benchmarking is the first analysis of the kind performed on such a large scale. The benchmarking survey aims at the identification of practices and processes implemented in clusters against the model activities, so-called benchmarks. The survey is to contribute both to identification of best practices in various clusters, and to providing information for the clusters about the opportunities to improve their performance. The methodology developed by experts on clustering enabled to identify 85 indicators grouped into 5 areas and 18 sub-areas of the clusters subject to the survey. The survey was performed and reports were developed on this basis. 48 reports were prepared under the project, including 47 reports devoted to all the surveyed clusters and a general report.

The present general report was prepared as part of the project and presents the cluster benchmarking survey in Poland. It includes a presentation of total results, conclusions and recommendations both for the clusters and public administration units, and the scientific circles supporting their activity. The general report includes a summary in Polish, a description of the objective and scope of the project, and of the methodology in use. Characteristics of the surveyed clusters have also been included in the report. Then results of cluster benchmarking in Poland were described in fi ve areas covered by the survey (cluster resources, cluster processes, cluster results, growth potential and strategy). The subsequent part of the report includes results and recommendations. The report also contains a summary of the report.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction.
2. Summary of the report
3. Cluster benchmarking in Poland: objectives, scope and methodology
4. General information concerning clusters in Poland
5. Introduction to benchmark analysis
6. Cluster resources
7. Processes in clusters
8. Cluster performance  
9. The growth potential of clusters
10. Cluster strategies
11. Conclusions and recommendations
12. Summary

Publication date: 2011 ISBN: 978-83-7633-152-2 Type: Report
Publisher: Polish Agency for Enterprise Development Subject: Clusters
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