Occupational activity of Poles (EN)
Author: Szymon Czarnik, Konrad Turek

This report comprises an overview of study results from the 2nd round of the “Study of Human Capital” project conducted by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP) in partnership with the Jagiellonian Uni versity, based on a sample of people of working age (18–59/64). The study was conducted using the personal interview method at the respondents’ place of residence. As the title shows, the report, one of fi ve general reports drawn up in this round of the study, presents results concerning Poles’ oc cupational activity in the context of their education and competencies. One important aspect of the analyses conducted is the gender division. It is a continuation of analyses taken up in the main report from the 1st round of the study. The subject will continue to grow in importance in our reports, as the data obtained allows for casting new light on the issue which seemed to have been thoroughly analysed and studied. Another issue of impor tance is description of people seeking employment. The paper will take a descriptive approach to Poles’ education and competencies. A synthetic and balanced presentation along with a problem–oriented analysis is the subject of the main report.

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1 – Occupational situation
CHAPTER 2 – Employment and remuneration structure
CHAPTER 5 – Education

Publication date: 2012 ISBN: 978–86–7633–197–3 Type: Report
Publisher: Polish Agency for Enterprise Development Subject: Human Capital
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