Report on the condition of SME in Poland in 2005-2006 (EN)
Author: Sławomir Pyciński, Aleksander Żołnierski, Józef Chmiel

Selected chapters from the complete version oo the "Raport o stanie sektora MSP w Polsce w latach 2005-2006"

Table of Contents

Condition of the SME sector in 2004-2005.
Development tendencies in 1995-2006.
1.1. Share of SME in generation of GDP and gross ad ded value
1.2. Registered and active SME in 2004-2005
1.3. Number of persons working, average employment and salaries in SME
1.4. Revenue and financial situation of SME
1.5. Investments and fixed assets in SME
1.6. Small and medium enterprises in individual voi vodships
1.7. Joint venture enterprises in Poland between 20 04 and 2005

Publication date: 2007 ISBN: Type: Report
Publisher: Polish Agency for Enterprise Development Subject: Entrepreneurship
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