Report on the condition of SME in Poland in 2002-2003 (EN)
Author: Agnieszka Tokaj-Krzewska, Aleksander Żołnierski, Krzysztof Berger, Wanda Burdecka, Józef Chmiel, Izabela Czaja, Rafał Drozdowski, Anna Forin, Wojciech Dziemianowicz, Agnieszka Haber, Krzysztof Jasiecki, Urszula Kopeć, Bożena Kujawa, Piotr Matczak

It is a pleasure to present to you the latest (eighth) edition of the Report on the Condition of the Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Sector in Poland. Prepared by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy, Labour and Social Policy, this report is the continuation of an in itiative of the Polish Foundation for the Promotion and Development of Small and Medium-Size Enterprises begun eight years ago.

The present edition of the Report is the first since Poland’s accession to the European Union. This circumstance strongly influenced our choice of issues to be addressed in this edition. Polish enterprises place considerable expectations on the opportunities afforded by their presence on the common European market. These possibilities seem to have become more real now, especially when viewed in the context of the rapid economic growth that currently places Poland in the leading position among EU member states. Yet in order to become competitive within the European Union, Polish enterprises still need to effect major internal changes. This is particularly true of the SME sector. Necessary adjustments include not only investments in new advanced technologies to bring them up to date, but also a shift in the approach to promoting SME products on the internal EU market. New standards for product quality and safety or environmental protection pose another important challenge.

Table of Contents

1. Macroeconomic situation in Poland in 2002
2. Condition of the SME sector in 2002. Development tendencies in 1994–2002
3. Policy towards SMEs
4. Legal environment for the functioning of SMEs in 2003
5. Perceptions of the Polish national brand
6. Competitiveness of Polish SMEs on the eve of EU accession
7. Self employment in Poland in the context of accession to the European Union
8. The business environment
9. Training and advisory services for SMEs

Publication date: 2004 ISBN: 83-88802-93-3 Type: Report
Publisher: Polish Agency for Enterprise Development Subject: Entrepreneurship
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