Report on the condition of SME in Poland in 2001-2002 (EN)
Author: Aleksander Żołnierski, Agnieszka Tokaj-Krzewska, Krzysztof Berger, Tomasz Brodzicki, Wanda Burdecka, Józef Chmiel, Izabela Czaja, Wojciech Dziemianowicz, Leszek Kucharski, Tomasz Kierzkowski, Arkadiusz £ankowski, Stanisław Łobejko, Mariola Misztak-Kowalsk

The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, continuing its initiative of the Polish Foundation for Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion and Development taken seven years ago, has prepared another edition of the Report on the Conditions of the Small and Medium-Size Enterprise Sector in Poland.

Due to the completion of the negotiations on Poland’s accession to the European Union lasting several years, in the report, the issues related to the integration, and mainly its impact on Polish enterprises are broadly discussed. The report presents selected issues concerning the outcome of Poland’s negotiations with the EU from the point of view of entrepreneurs described in the Report on the Results of Negotiations for the Membership of the Republic of Poland in the European Union . Great emphasis has also been placed on the issues of public aid and programmes for small and medium-size enterprise support, including these implemented at the state and regional levels.

The programme, entitled Government Policy Guidelines for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises to 2002, designed to stimulate economic activity of the SME sector, was completed last year. Another area of the report focused on authorities’ share in the creation of conditions for the growth of competitiveness and capacity of Polish enterprises to operate on the Single European Market. Moreover, the report aims at presenting general guidelines and ideas of the programmes for SME sector support and the opportunities resulting from the latest technology and cluster concept.

Table of Contents

1. The macroeconomic situation in Poland in 2002
2. The conditions of the SME sector in 2001: Development trends in the years 1994–2001
3. The policy towards SMEs
4. The legal environment of SME functioning in 2002
5. Enterprise support and public aid in the European Union and Poland.
6. Local policy and SME development.
7. The business environment
8. The labour market and unemployment
9. Clusters
11. A balance of Poland’s accession negotiations in the European Union
12. Ethics in the economy
13. Barriers in enterprise development

Publication date: 2003 ISBN: 83-88802-71-2 Type: Report
Publisher: Polish Agency for Enterprise Development Subject: Entrepreneurship
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