Appetite for Poland (EN) (IT)
Author: Witold Iwański, Eliza Mórawska, Michał Gniłka, Marysia Przybyszewska, Grzegorz Łapanowski, Tomasz Trąbski

Wheat swaying in the fields, apple trees in the orchards groaning under the weight of juicy, ruddycheeked fruit, lakes and rivers abounding in all sorts of fish, fragrant grasses in the meadows, the woods full of mushrooms and game. Poland is a country with an extraordinary natural richness: a country with a beautiful and still in many places unspoiled environment, and this inspires the chefs.

In recent years, Polish cuisine has changed completely. All the while drawing from a rich tradition, it is also becoming lighter, more varied, colourful and modern. Along with the recipes of old, which are coming back with a new face, we’re also seeing a renewed love for hospitality and sharing a meal, cooking together and celebrating food. Homemade bread, fresh herbs, roasted wild meats, regional cheeses, crayfish, long-forgotten fish species and vegetables, are all coming back to the Polish tables. This revolution is taking place both at home and in the restaurants, with a whole new generation of cooks caring for guests’ palates and discovering new compositions and flavours.

Bread with apples, ravioli stuffed with bryndza cheese from Podhale, goose meat rillettes with quince and apple jam, leniwe dumplings tossed with garlic and sage-flavoured brown butter, lamb with morels stuffed with guineafowl mousse, spiced prunes and crumbs of buttered pasta: these are just a few delicacies they are now bringing to us. The recipes will not fail to give readers a great pleasure, while they cook and eat. Bon appetit!

Table of Contents

Cereal grains
Fruits and vegetables
Dairy products
Meats: raw and cured
Alcoholic beverages

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