Report on the condition of SME in Poland in 2010-2011 (EN)
Author: Anna Tarnawa, Paulina Zadura-Lichota (PARP), Jacek Łapiński, Melania Nieć, Grzegorz Rzeźnik, Robert Zakrzewski, Zdzisław Wołodkiewicz-Donimirski, Bohdan Wyżnikiewicz, Dorota Węcławska

The Poles are a nation of entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurship ratio measured by a percentage of entrepreneurs within the total number of employees (18% for P o land) is the fourth biggest in the EU (EU average – 14%) . Also, the entrepreneurship ratio defined as a share in the number of the adults who opened their own business or take actions to this end – is higher in Poland (14%) than on average in the EU (12%). According to CSO, there are 1. 73 million active enterprises (i.e. regularly monitored for statistical purposes ) in Poland. On the other hand, according to the European Commission, there are 1. 42 million enterprises operating in Poland, which gives Poland the sixth position in the EU in terms of their number. Following the period of fast growth of the number of enterprises in Poland (between 2006 – 2008) in 2009 there was a significant decline in that number (by 6% ), which was a consequence of a worsened economic situation. In 2010 an insignificant increase of the number of enterprise s was recorded ( by 3. 2%), however, it was lower than between 2007 - 2008.

The sector of enterprises, despite being the main driving force of growth, generates relatively small part of the G D P from the point of view of a gap between Poland and the best - developed countries, the G D P structure being unsatisfactory as well. According to Eurostat data, the share of enterprise sector in the Polish G D P (48% in 2009 ) is only slightly higher than the EU average (4 6. 8%) and gross value added generated by an average enterprise or a person employed in the enterprise sector remains at one of the lowest levels in the EU. Moreover, according to CSO, due to the worse economic situation, Polish enterprises generated 71 . 6% of G D P in 201 0. i.e. by 0. 7 p ercentage point less than in t he previous year, of which the smallest enterprise s generated eve r y third zloty (29 . 6%), the m edium - sized ones only every tenth zloty (1 0. 4%), and small enterprise s only every thirteenth zloty ( 7. 7%). Fortunately, the share of bigger enterprises (medium - si zed and large ) in creation of Poland‟s GDP has been growing.

Table of Contents

Selected chapters prepared originally in Polish and published in "Raport o stanie sektora MSP w Polsce w latach 2010-2011":

Chapter 2 - Small and medium - sized enterprises in Poland
Chapter 3 −Small and medium enterprises in the Polish exports 2007 - 2011
Chapter 4 −Internationalization of Polish economy and enterprises (according to foreign data sources )
Chapter 5 −Situation of microenterprise s and their reactions to the economic crisis
Chapter 6 − Characteristics of Polish entrepreneurs based on BAEL and BKL surveys’ results


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