Flood Damage Reconstruction Programme Poland 2001 (EN) (PL)
Author: Krzysztof Banach, Jakub Fulara, Katarzyna Pyrcak

Extensive flooding in Poland in July and August 2001 occurred only four years after the disaster in 1997. According to statistics at the beginning of August 2001, the meteorological situation and the floods caused by the River Vistula and its tributaries had resulted in 30 casualties and some 15,000 people had been evacuated from their homes.

Similarly to the floods in 1997 the European Commission decided to launch the Flood Damage Reconstruction Programme Poland 2001 aimed at repairing of flood damages. The resources in the amount of 15 mln EUR were earmarked for this activities in framework of Phare programme. The additional 10 mln EUR which originated from the resources of Sectoral STRUDER Counterparts Funds, programme realized in the nineties, has been allocated under the Programme.

The implementation of the Programme has provided both the regional administration and the beneficiaries with the essential experience connected with the arrangement for the use of the resources of the assistance funds. I am sure, that the experiences gained during the last two years will benefit in the future while implementing the projects co-financed from the EU Structural Funds.

The realization of the Programme has become a success. It is very highly evaluated by the European Commission and by the beneficiaries as well. It is worth indicating that almost 95% of the resources has been contracted under the Programme, which is an excellent result as far as the assistance programmes in Poland are concerned.

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Flood Damage Reconstruction Programme Poland 2001
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