Flood Damage Reconstruction Programme Poland 2001 anex (EN) (PL)
Author: Krzysztof Banach

The process of the distribution of funds within the framework of the .lood Damage Reconstruction Programme was completed by the end of 30 th September 2004. The infrastructure projects, which were monitored during their implementation, have been audited and evaluated. The assessment of the Programme carried out by the independent consultants confirmed that the realization of the Programme has been a success. 93.27% of funds ava- ilable have been utilized within two editions of the Programme.

The Flood Damage Reconstruction Programme was implemented in three voivodships Malopolskie, Podkarpackie and Swietokrzyskie, which were the most affected regions during the flood in July and August 2001. The available funds for two editions of the Programme 25 mln EUR were distributed among the regions proportionally to the damage they suf- fered as a result of the flood.

Table of Contents

Podsumowanie ewaluacji i audytu
Evaluation and audit Conclusions

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