Second Chance Policy (EN)
Author: Anna Kowalewska, Tomasz Krynicki, Piotr Zimmerman, Jacek Szut

Research objectives - cognitive level - a comprehensive diagnosis of bankruptcy as a phenomenon Project objectives - practical level: 

  • to prepare proposals of changes to bankruptcy and rehabilitation law (prawo upadłościowe i naprawcze) 
  • to determine advisory services and tools to support entrepreneurs who are at risk of bankruptcy, are currently in the course bankruptcy proceedings or restart a new venture after having experienced bankruptcy before

Table of Contents

Project objectives
The Polish market is characterized by a high business failure rate and a low rate of formally declared bankruptcies
What is the profile of a bankrupt company in Poland?
Business closures are an everyday occurrence  in the SME sector
Reasons for business closures
Support needs at the time of crisis - opinions of all SME entrepreneurs
Perceptions of the scale and reasons of business failures - similar to “regular” business close-downs
However, business failure is a damage to credibility…
There is limited willingness to continue business relationships with an entrepreneur against whom a bankruptcy motion was filed
Attitudes towards failed entrepreneurs differ, depending on the type of business failure
Experts are also very strict in their opinions
What do entrepreneurs know about bankruptcy procedure and bankruptcy and rehabilitation law?
Evaluation concerning bankruptcy and rehabilitation law in Poland
How is bankruptcy experienced at the personal level?
Making a fresh start in business by entrepreneurs who experienced bankruptcy
Main Findings

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