Key results of the fifth round of the BKL Study in 2014 (EN)
Autor: Jolanta Religa

we offer you the publication presenting the result of last, fifth round of the Study of Human Capital.

You shall find in it not only the current information on the supply of and demand for competences, but also the answer to the question what causes gender-based segregation in the labour market. We shall discuss also the particulars of employment situation of disabled persons and the benefits associated with holding a higher education diploma. This report analyses also issues of the grey market and the consequences of educational passivity of Poles.

Data gathered under all the Study rounds were used in the work of public administration employees, entrepreneurs, academics and HR specialists. We have worked with due diligence to ensure that our research meets the highest quality standards, and the results match the needs and expectations of their recipients. We succeeded not only at creating a well-recognised brand, but also a reliable source of information on the Polish labour market.

We have noticed many significant issues, such as the mismatch of supply of and demand for competences in the labour market, reluctance of the Poles to develop their skills, and the salary gap between women and men. We have also diagnosed problems specific for regional labour markets, which we discussed during regional seminars.

We are looking forward to continuation of the Study of Human Capital under the new financial perspective 2014-2020. We shall continue to provide you with reliable data on the competences of Poles and on the demand for them among employers. This time, aside from market-wide study, we shall conduct analyses of data for individual sectors. We hope that the information we collect shall continue to be a valuable source of inspiration during the design of public interventions and the creation of strategies for development of human resources in enterprises.

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1. The Study of Human Capital in Poland – the largest study of the labour market in Poland
2. Occupational activity and education of Poles
3. Employers on the labour market
4. Young people in the labour market
5. Education after school
6. Summary – Challenges for the Polish economy

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