Youth or experience? Human capital in Poland (EN)
Author: Jarosław Górniak

The year that has passed since the publication of the previous report, summing up the second round of the studies conducted as part of the Study of Human Capital in Poland (BKL) project brought further aggravation of tensions in the labour market in most OECD states, unfortunately including Poland. We are far from such a dramatic level of unemployment as is experienced by South European states, and especially Spain and Greece, and was experienced by Poland early in the 21st century. Nevertheless, beginning with 2009 we have dealt with a systematic increase of unemployment. Conscious of problems with finding experienced staff, employers try to maintain employment even in the conditions of the difficult economic situation and uncertain future. In such a situation, young and inexperienced graduates face growing difficulties in seeking employment. The annual cohorts that managed to make an easy entry into the labour market in the circumstances of an economic boom retained employment. The school leavers and higher education (HE) graduates in the successive years of falling economic growth find employment increasingly difficult. This is corroborated by the data collected for the needs of the BKL project presented in Chapter Four.

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Balance in the labour market: employer needs vs. job seeker potential
Chapter Two: Professionals in the labour market. Requirements set up by employers
Chapter Three: Ageing of the population as a challenge for economy, labour market, public policy, and citizens
Chapter Four: Upper secondary school leavers and HE graduates in the labour market

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