Key results of the first round of the study conducted in 2010 (EN)
Author: Collective Work

We are delivering into your hands the summary of the first round of the Study of Human Capital in Poland (BKL). Here you will find analyses and key results of the research conducted among the employers, general population, the unemployed, secondary school students, university students, and training institutions. The Study of Human Capital in Poland is a Poland- and Europe-unique project of monitoring of the Polish labour market. Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP) in collaboration with the Jagiellonian University will follow the changes of structure and demand for competencies in the labour market until 2014.

The BKL Study shows, among others, in which regions of Poland and in which occupations there is the largest maladjustment of employee competencies to the needs of the employers. Disclosing the areas where surpluses and deficits are present, the study allows rational decision making for people planning their education, employers seeking employees, and administrators of public funds implementing actions that support the development of the human capital. For the first time, researchers juxtaposed the demand and supply side of the labour market on such a great scale, as the result grasping the “balance” of the human capital in Poland in the study. This allowed the naming of the challenges that the entities responsible for the shaping of educational policy and institutions of the labour market should confront.

We do hope that the conclusions from the study will provide real assistance in planning the activities improving the quality of the human capital for all the stakeholders who influence the shape of the labour market, at the level of the state, regions, voivodeships, and businesses. Without appropriately prepared personnel, we would remain on the side-tracks of development, lagging behind the states that capitalise on lifelong learning.

Table of Contents

Study of Human Capital in Poland: Poland’s largest labour market study
Poland’s secondary education: future employees in the making
Students – the future force of Polish economy
Poles in the labour market
The unemployed – the untapped resources of Polish economy
Who’s wanted in Poland’s labour market?
Who educates us when the school is over?
Crucial challenges for the development of the human capital

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