Award Catalogue Polish Product of the future - 19th Annual Competition (EN)
Author: Collective Work

We have finished the nineteenth edition of the competition entitled Polish Product of the future, organised by the Polish Agency for enterprise development. With great satisfaction, i need to admit that once again we were surprised by Polish entrepreneurs and scientists, both in terms of diversity of submitted projects and their originality. thanks to the competition, we are witnessing the fact that these people are full of passion and creative ideas.

selection of the winning projects in each category of the competition was not an easy task. You can find out about it while reading the catalogue of laureates. solutions presented in it constitute an original composition of knowledge, research, new technologies, but also courage and determination in making investments. once again we have to do with solutions that have not been used so far in the world. this demonstrates the enormous innovative potential of many sectors of the Polish economy. innovative products and technologies are awarded in three categories: product of the future, scientific unit, an entrepreneur as well as scientific and business consortium.

in each category of this year's competition, there were proposals that will change the face of many specialised industries, as well as will provide tangible benefits in the everyday life of each of us.

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About the Competition
Winners of the 19th edition of the polish product of the future Competition

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