Award Catalogue Polish Product of the future - 16th Annual Competition (EN)
Autor: Collective Work

Products presented in the catalogue have resulted from creativity of specialists who come from various technology domains and represent national centres for science and research as well as innovative enterprises.

Every awarded project constitutes an original composition of creativity, novelty, innovation and unique technical and economic qualities. These unquestionable advantages of the solutions certified as “Polish Product of the Future”, provide a guarantee for a successful market launch. The stories of previous winners also confirm this. I therefore want to take this opportunity to encourage all the people who work in science and business domains to compete in the coming years and share with us their achievements resulting from research and implementation work.

Apart from new technical and technological solutions, the catalogue presents also interesting examples of cooperation between scientists and entrepreneurs. It showcases the potential entrepreneurs have for making use of intellectual property and intangible assets resulting from scientific work.

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About the Competition
Winners of the 16th edition of the polish product of the future Competition

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