Award Catalogue Polish Product of the future - 15th Annual Competition (EN)
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Winners of the “Polish Product of the Future” annual competition, that marks its 15th jubilee this year, make a perfect example of such success. The history of the Competition shows that projects encompassing innovation at every stage, starting from a design phase and ending with implementation, have succeeded.

There are outstanding personalities behind these achievements, including talented engineers and entrepreneurs, who can and want to use their extraordinary scientific and organizational talents to produce innovative solutions. Such people work for research centres and enterprises that have received many awards in the Competition while their products have been accepted by the market, gaining wide recognition from clients and business partners. To recognize such multiple award winners and their contribution to development of innovations in Poland, on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of our Competition, I have established a special prize for them – a Crystal Pyramid Innovation Award.

This jubilee is also a perfect opportunity to express my special thanks to over 200 top Polish experts in technology and economic fields for supporting us during the assessment process of nearly 700 project applications during those years and for their participation in the Competition jury. I would like to thank them warmly for their involvement and efforts put into making this Competition possible as well as for maintaining a high quality level.

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About the Competition
Winners of the 15th edition of the polish product of the future Competition

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