Award Catalogue Polish Product of the future - 14th Annual Competition (EN)
Author: Collective Work

In times of strong competition and globalisation it is ever so important for entrepreneurs in Poland to build their competitive advantages on the basis of the state-of the-art know-how and results of research and development works. Paradoxically, relying on innovation in times of crisis becomes an effective sustainable development strategy for many businesses and organisations.

Creating conducive conditions for the development of innovative entrepreneurship is the top priority task of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (Polska Agencja Rozwoju Przedsiębiorczości, PARP). I am proud to conclude that for almost 11 years the Agency has continued to support all forms of innovation, by taking active part in the implementation of the state policy in the field of economic development. Our experiences and daily observations suggest clearly that the development force of the best economies depends on the potential of human creativity and innovation. Nowadays creativity, openness to changes, willingness to take risks, and build trust, as well as the will of cooperation are pivotal success factors.

To my satisfaction all aforementioned elements can be found in projects awarded in this year’s, 14th edition of the Polish Product of the Future Competition. The competition aims to identify the best practices, unique technical solutions and examples of successful implementations of technological innovations. Moreover it affords an excellent opportunity to present people who share a joint passion – the passion to create.

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Winners of the 14th edition of the polish product of the future Competition

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