Award Catalogue Polish Product of the Future - 13th Annual Competition (EN)
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High innovative activity of enterprises and efficient use of knowledge and scientific research by the industry are at present the key factors of competitiveness of the economy. however, the scale of implementation of innovative solutions in Poland is still insufficient. therefore, the agency attempts to influence attitudes of entrepreneurs and to raise their pro-innovative awareness, e.g. through information and promotional activities. one of those activities is the Polish Product of the future competition (PPP).

The competition is an initiative aimed at presenting best practices – examples of successful cooperation of the scientific and business circles crowned by implementation of innovative solutions to production. i hope that the potential in cooperation between enterprises and science will contribute to enhance innovativeness of Polish companies and of the entire economy.

In the catalogue presenting winners of the Polish Product of the future competition you will find highly innovative technological solutions and products that might become flagships of our economy in the world. their creators mainly originate from business circles, research and development centres, scientific institutes, but also universities.

This year’s edition confirmed that Polish economy has an immense innovative potential. the awarded projects are often solutions that have never been applied anywhere else before. they are environmental-friendly projects, using secondary materials for production, decreasing emission of harmful gas and dust to the atmosphere, including co2 emission. they offer significant progress in many areas of economy and, last but not least, they comply with eu directives. the Polish Product of the future competition promotes progress, modernity and entrepreneurship. for its winners, the competition facilitates path to success, attests their professionalism and thus opens new opportunities.

The catalogue is addressed to entrepreneurs who plan to start or develop business activity with the use of modern knowledge and technology, to investors seeking interesting and innovative investment projects, as well as to all those for whom the development of innovativeness in Poland is of particular interest.

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About the Competition
Winners of the 13th edition of the Polish Product of the Future Competition

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