Award Catalogue Polish Product of the Future - 11th Annual Competition (EN)
Author: Agnieszka Engelbrecht, Justyna Rychlewska

We would like to present to you our Catalogue containing the winning innovative products and technologies from the 11th “Polish Product of the Future” competition. These are all modern solutions developed by Polish Scientists within a variety of research and development units and within our finest technological companies. All items featured were chosen from numerous projects sent to us by a panel of experts from various fields of technology. The high level of innovativeness and quality of these products provides them with significantly high market potential.  In this time of growing competition, Polish companies recognise the need to base their activities both within knowledge but also through incorporating the latest achievements of technology. I would like to draw your attention, especially the attention of those who are looking for new modern technological solutions to implement them in your companies, to the many technological, economic and social values that are championed by the solutions awarded within this catalogue.  For dynamic economic development of the country, the role of innovation is highly relevant. That is why the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development has organized the Competition for innovative solutions for more than 11 years. We encourage all creators of innovative solutions be they entrepreneurs, representatives of R&D units, scientific institutes, experimental factories as well as individual inventors to participate in this Competition. The entry procedure is simple and access is free of charge. Competition promotes innovative projects which are difficult by their nature, sometimes they are risky and it could be a cause of small interest for them from institutions.

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About the Competition
Winners of the 11th edition of the Polish Product of the Future Competition

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