Award Catalogue Polish Product of the Future - 7th & 8th Annual Competition (EN) (PL)
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The „ Polish Product of the Future” (PPP) Competition, held under the auspices of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland is organised on an annual basis. The first edition of the competition took place in 1997. Since 2002, the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development has taken up the role of the competition organiser. The objective of the PPP Competition is promoting and disseminating the achievements of originators of innovative techniques and technologies, which have a chance to become popular on the Polish market.

The competition is carried out in two categories: „Product of the Future” and „Technology of the Future”. In the Competition natural and legal persons from the European Union countries can participate. A condition for participating in the PPP Competition is submission of a proposal for a new, innovative product or technology. One award and distinctions are granted in each Competition category. The award in the „Product of the Future” category is granted to entrepreneurs, scientific institutes, research and development units, experimental plants or natural persons who brought the proposal of a new product to the prototype stage, and the award in the „Technology of the Future” category, to above mentioned institutions who brought the proposal of a new technology to the stage of implementation for production.

The winners of the „Polish Product of the Future” Award receive statuette, diploma, possibility of using the Sign and the Logo of the „Polish Product of the Future” in correspondence and promotion and assistance in product promotion. The awards are granted every year.
In particular submitted projects are evaluated according to competitiveness, environmental friendliness and energy-saving. They are also evaluated according to advanced state, preparation for production and technical parameters compared with world equivalents.
In the eight-year history of the PPP Competition, several hundreds of innovative products and technologies in various technical fields have been submitted. The most of the projects comes from research and development units, others from production plants and from natural persons.

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About the Competition
Winners of the 7th & 8th edition of the Polish Product of the Future Competition

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