Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP) conducts research activities in the areas of enterprise, innovation, the condition and development of human resources, business-related organisations and enterprise support services, all of which are referred to in Article 4 of the Act of 9 November 2000 on the establishment of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

The aim of the research works that are carried out is to prepare motions and recommendations for the purposes of Polish economy development policy and in particular those directed at stimulating enterprise and innovation of the SME sector. On-going research activities and surveys that are commissioned are aimed at gaining the knowledge necessary in the context of the programming of support instruments. At the same time, the Agency is carrying out activities with a view to preparing informational materials for the central and regional administration (at voivodeship level, e.g. for the purposes of developing Regional Innovation Strategy), as well as for entrepreneurs, scientists and students.

Four PARP units are in charge of research projects (Enterprise Support Department, Innovation and Technology Department, Human Resources Development Department and Institutional Support System Department) as part of the Enterprise Research Centre, which shares the same responsibilities. PARP Enterprise Research Centre was established on the basis of a decision of 26 November 2008, issued by the PARP’s Chief Executive Officer. The Centre’s activities involve:

  • coordination of PARP’s research activity,
  • dissemination of information on on-going research projects and promotion of research findings,
  • cooperation in terms of research activities with external bodies, including research centres and public administration units.

The Centre is supported by the Research Advisory Board of the Centre which acts as a consultation and advisory body and its members are representatives of the academia having the necessary qualifications and experience in research projects.

The majority of the PARP research projects usually consist of several components: initial research (usually in the form of a literature review), empirical research (qualitative and quantitative methods are used) accompanied by a report or of an information and promotion part of the project (in the form of a publication, an e-book, or a conference which sums the project up).

In the course of project implementation, the main focus of interest is taken on both the horizontal aspects, such as innovation and competitiveness, and more specific areas related to enterprise, e.g.: family companies, microenterprises, high technology companies. In the context of projects of this kind, the Agency is responsible for:

  • identifying research areas to be investigated,
  • conceptualisation of planned research activities,
  • establishing the goals and scope of particular research activities and surveys,
  • conducting public procurement proceedings,
  • project implementation supervision,
  • promotion of research findings.

The findings of the research projects in question are always published and are also usually available in the form of e-books on the Agency’s website and on the Innovation Portal. All publications are available free of charge and PARP makes every possible effort to ensure widespread availability of survey and research findings. To this aim, press conferences, nationwide specialist conferences and seminars are organized for both experts in given areas and for the general public as well.

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