Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP) conducts research activities in the areas of enterprise, innovation, the condition and development of human resources, business-related organisations and enterprise support services.

The aim of the research is to prepare motions and recommendations - and in particular those intended to stimulate enterprise and innovation of the SME sector - for the use in Poland’s economic development policy. On-going research activities and commissioned surveys bring the knowledge necessary forthe programming of support instruments. At the same time, the Agencyprepares informational materials for the central and regional administrations (also used for programming purposes, such as the development of Regional Innovation Strategis), as well as for entrepreneurs, scientists and students.

Most of PARP research projects consist of the following components: initial research (usually a literature review), empirical research conducted by contractors (using qualitative and quantitative methods) and resulting in a report, and informational/promotional activities (a publication, an e-book, or a conference which sums the project up).

Each projectputs focus is on both horizontal aspects, such as innovation and competitiveness, and more specific areas related to enterprise, such as family businesses, microenterprises, high technology companies.

The findings of PARP research projects are available in the form of e-books on the Agency’s website and on the Innovation Portal, and some of them are published All the publications are available free of charge and PARP makes every possible effort to ensure widespread availability of survey and research findings. To this aim, press conferences, nationwide specialist conferences and seminars are organized both for experts in given areas and for the general public.

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