Innovations are not out of the blue. They need a favourable environment, as creating them is a team game. An entrepreneur is a playmaker, has an idea for an product, service, technology, however, it would be good for it to make use of midfielders, defenders and maybe even a coach. The PARP helps the entire team through direct support for entrepreneurs, as well as for Business Environment Institutions.

Pro-innovative services of BEI for SMEs

Developing and implementing innovations is a difficult challenge. Assistance is offered by accredited Business Environment Institutions, such as innovation and technology transfer centres, technology incubators or technology and science parks. An entrepreneur may establish cooperation with up to three of them and submit an application for the co-financing. It will receive assistance consisting in the support for the implementation of product or process innovations of technological nature. The pro-innovative service will help develop and implement an innovative idea. It consists of two types of assistance: innovation support service and counselling with regard to innovation.

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Innovation vouchers for SMEs

The best innovations are made across the boundaries of business and science, practice and theory, enterprise and knowledge. An innovation voucher is a simple mechanism of support. An entrepreneur has a business idea for innovation and a scientific or research  institute – the knowledge and technical resources necessary to develop the details of the solution. The PARP helps combine these two forces through „Innovation vouchers for SMEs”.

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Protection of industrial property

Having a legally protected industrial property means prestige, repute but also specific profits. The industrial property right gives many various of tools of protection. Within the framework of the co-financing for the industrial property protection, an entrepreneur gets support for obtaining the protection of its invention, utility model or industrial design. The mechanism is intended for the projects whose objective is to protect innovation in foreign markets selected by entrepreneurs.

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Support for SMEs in accessing the capital market – 4 Stock

Prosperous companies wishing to develop but having no money to invest may use support in accessing the capital market. Entering the stock exchange requires appropriate and expensive preparations. 4 Stock provides the resources to prepare the documentation necessary for the functioning in:

  • Warsaw Stock Exchange market;
  • New Connect;
  • foreign regulated markets;
  • Catalyst bond market.

4 Stock is a tool prepared to meet the needs of each company from the SME sector, which thinks about a stock exchange debut.

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Space Technology

No matter which national market one zooms in the Space Technology has an impact on economic development and it is a main source of innovations. Polish Entrepreneurship in this industry involves many activities involving upstream and downstream segments with a great capability in the first one. Main undertakings of Polish companies are in Telecommunication and Earth Observation areas. Since Poland became a member of the European Space Agency new opportunities arose, for e.g.: 100% funding for research and new projects, knowledge sharing and professional support in developing new products.

Polish Agency for Economic Development severs space industry with research and analysis, merit support provided for public administration endeavors (but not only), project controlling, workshop and bilateral meetings organization. The role and responsibilities are based on the National Activities Program for Space Technology Development and Satellite System Usage.

Space technology is a website created for companies to keep them tuned about new possibilities, conferences and workshops, as well as space programs downed by ESA, European Commission and other actors. Moreover, the aim of the website is to inform about Polish economic operators and their accomplishments as well as technological achievements.

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