The PARP offers training and services helping entrepreneurs answer the strategic questions: What is the company going to be like in several years? What will I produce? To whom do I want to sell it? What skills and resources do I need?

Database of Development Services

The greatest asset of a company are competent, professional and committed employees. For entrepreneurs who want to take care of their professional development, improve their skills or retrain, we have prepared the Database of Development Services. The database is available at the Internet address The portal contains a wide and comprehensive offer of: training, courses and professional skills, postgraduate studies and counselling (coaching, mentoring).

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Support for strategic management of enterprises and building the competitive advantage in the market

The best companies have an idea for themselves and a development strategy. They know what they want and how to achieve it. We would like entrepreneurs to diagnose the development needs of their own company, to build a corresponding strategy and thus to gain the competitive advantage. Therefore, we offer the co-financing for three types of projects:

Type 1 – strategic management. This applies to a diagnosis and analysis of the development needs of the company. Entrepreneurs will receive support for identifying development barriers and drawing up a plan of developing their own company through employers’ organisations, trade union organisations and economic self-government organisations.

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Type 2 – public procurement. These are specialist training and counselling activities addressed to micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises, concerning the public procurement market. They are carried out in 5 geographical areas by contractors selected during an open competition procedure. 10% of the

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Type 3 – public-private partnership. It covers training and counselling on public-private partnerships (PPP). In Poland, many entrepreneurs of the SME still do not know this form of implementing investment. The national database of PPP projects contains 102 projects, whose total value is more than PLN 0.5 billion. The potential of the PPP market is much larger. Resources for training on PPP will be granted to the entities selected in the competitions organised by the PARP.

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Sectoral Skills Councils

The Sectoral Skills Councils will allow entrepreneurs to influence education services of schools, universities and training institutions. Entrepreneurs know what qualifications and skills are needed by their industries and the Sectoral Councils enable sharing this knowledge. As a result, education and economy learn their mutual needs and the skills acquired at schools, universities, during courses and training will respond to the real needs of employers.

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Integrated Qualifications Register

The Integrated Qualifications Register (IQR) is a public and open (continuously updated) register. In one place, we may obtain a complete set of necessary information about qualifications and entities who help acquire them. Currently, the IQR contains the qualifications in the field of the education system and higher education (so-called full qualifications) acquired at schools and universities. Successively, the IQR will be supplemented with the market qualifications reported by the concerned groups, inter alia, representatives of individual industries, trade and training institutions.

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Human Capital Balance

The Human Capital Balance tool is an application allowing to measure the value of the company’s personal resources. It allows to collect and interpret data, while giving the organisation the basic guidance as regards the meaning of the results obtained.

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