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Norwegian funds: 100 million euro for business development and innovation

"Entrepreneurship Development and Innovations" is a new support program for small and medium-sized enterprises in the offer of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. Its budget amounts to 100 million euro, of which 85 million euro from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and 15 million euro in form of national contribution. Support will be given to innovative projects in the field of green technologies in the area of sea and inland waters as well as technologies improving the quality of life. The competitions will be announced on November 19 this year, and applications will start in January 2020 and will last until March 31, 2020.

The goal of the program, conducted in cooperation with the program partner on the part of Norway (the donor state), the Innovation Norway agency, is to improve the competitiveness of Polish small and medium sized enterprises by supporting the development and implementation of innovative technologies, solutions, processes, products and services. The program is also to strengthen cooperation between companies from Poland and Norway.

The program is implemented under the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021. Poland is one of several countries that implement support programs financed by the Government of Norway and the governments of EEA countries.

- We entrust PARP with running the Norwegian grant program for entrepreneurs as a proof of trust and recognition for the Agency's previous successes in supporting the SME sector. We are pleased that with our help entrepreneurs will receive funds from the largest program implemented so far as part of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism in Poland. The program is another step on the road to improving the competitiveness of Polish enterprises. First of all, by supporting the development and implementation of innovative technologies, solutions, processes, products and services - said Adam Banaszak, Deputy President of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

Financial support will be offered in three areas:

  • innovations in green technologies (green industry innovation): development and investment projects, which as a result are to contribute to the development of companies and at the same time reduce the negative impact on the environment,
  • innovations in the area of marine or inland waters (blue growth): projects should relate to the so-called blue growth and the applicants themselves operate in the maritime or inland water sector. Projects should relate to the development of such enterprises by introducing innovative processes or products related to marine or inland waters and the coast. Projects may also concern improvement of the environment,
  • technologies improving the quality of life (welfare technologies): projects should relate to the development and marketing of products that facilitate the functioning in everyday life of people from vulnerable social groups, including the elderly.

Solutions should be new at least for the company that submits the application. However, we also encourage to take advantage of the program for projects at a higher level of innovation, e.g. innovative solutions on a market scale. Subsidies will cover up to 70% eligible costs up to 2 million euros.

Grants for entrepreneurial women

The program includes "Scheme of small grants for entrepreneurial women" – a separate pool of funds for the implementation of projects in any of the above-mentioned three thematic areas. The funds can applied for by companies whose owners are women or those in which a woman is at least a co-owner and takes part in the decision making process in the company.

- Supporting women's entrepreneurship has a special place in the program that will start soon. It is about small business owners and this group of companies in which women influence management decisions. Just for them , so-called small grants have been introduced. Every enterprising woman raise up to 200,000 euro - said the Deputy President of PARP.

Uczestnicy konferencji inaugurującej nowy program wsparcia dla małych i średnich przedsiębiorców w ofercie Polskiej Agencji Rozwoju Przedsiębiorczości

Uczestnicy konferencji PARP słuchający wystąpienia otwierającego konferencję na temat funduszy norweskich

Jerzy Kwieciński – Minister Finansów, Inwestycji i Rozwoju na konferencji otwierającej nowy program PARP finansowany ze środków Norweskiego Mechanizmu Finansowego

Uczestnicy konferencji PARP, a wśród nich Olav Myklebust - Ambasador Królestwa Norwegii

Uczestnicy konferencji otwierającej Fundusze Norweskie w Polsce, a wśród nich Adam Banaszak, zastępca prezesa Polskiej Agencji Rozwoju Przedsiębiorczości

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