9 lipca 2021

Nearly EUR 7.3 million from Norway Grants for entrepreneurial women

PARP announced the results of “Small grants scheme for entrepreneurial women” call for applications under Business Development and Innovation” programme. In this last of four Norwegian Grants schemes, 56  projects will be supported by co-financing of nearly EUR 7.3 million..

The total budget of “ Business Development and Innovation” programme, implemented as part of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 reaches over EUR 93 million. It aims to improve the competitiveness of the Polish sector of small and medium-sized enterprises and strengthen cooperation between Polish and Norwegian companies. SMEs that operate in Poland receive co-financing for the development and implementation of innovative processes, products and technologies.

Under the programme, a separate pool of funds has been earmarked for companies managed or co-managed by a female person who is engaged in a decision-making process (e.g. as a member of the board) as an owner or a co-owner. Applicants could receive co-financing for development or development and implementation of innovations. The projets had to be innovative at least for the applicant company, and the innovation must have been in one of three areas:

Green industry innovation  Welfare technologies Blue growth

At the same time, these projects could increase the entrepreneur’s knowledge, skills or competencies that are essential to maintain and develop economic activities. Funds from Norway Grants can be spent by entrepreneurs on:

  • advisory services helpful while developing and implementing innovations (product, service, technology or a new design project);
  • mentoring to support a company;
  • investments, e.g. fixed assets or legal intangible assets.

The list of products recommended for co-financing

More information: www.parp.gov.pl/funduszenorweskie

Euro exchange rate for calculations is the average NBP exchange rate of the day of the competition announcement: EUR 1 = PLN 4.2928.

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