27 lipca 2021

Polish and Norwegian operators will strengthen cooperation. PARP announces another round of the Travel Grants competition

As from 20 August 2021, Polish SME operators from Poland and Norway will be able to participate in another round of the Travel Grants competition: support for development of bilateral cooperation. The major objective of the programme is to strengthen business contacts among Polish and Norwegian entities by organizing trade missions. As part of the competition, operators will be allowed to use co-financing amounting up to EUR 2 thousand, without a need to make their own contribution. Applications can be submitted by 31 October 2022, however, it is worth hurrying up as the budget of the competition is EUR 50 thousand. The programme is financed from the funds of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism for the years 2014-2021.

The objective of the Travel Grants competition is a real impact on development of bilateral cooperation among companies from Poland and Norway by organizing trade missions. The support amounting even up to EUR 2 thousand can be applied for by micro-, small and medium-sized operators from both countries. The support obtained as part of the competition can be spent on, inter alia, covering the costs of a foreign business trip, purchase of fair admission tickets or paying for participation in a conference/congress.

– Direct meetings among Polish and Norwegian companies are a great opportunity for further business cooperation. Operators will be able to exchange experience and present their offer. In recent years, trade between Poland and Norway has been growing and our activity will allow to strengthen this trend – says Marcin Czyża, Acting President of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

As part of a trade mission, an applicant is obliged to participate in:

  • a fair or conference/congress
  • an event organized by PARP and Innovation Norway during the above-mentioned fair or conference/congress
  • at least two meetings of business nature with two different entities pursuing business activity in the territory of a country where the above-mentioned fair or conference/congress is held.

As part of a single trade mission, it is possible to receive a lump-sum amount of EUR 1,800 to cover the costs of a foreign business trip and to finance the purchase of fair admission tickets or to pay for participation in a conference/congress of up to EUR 200, for up to 2 persons. Operators may apply for support for organizing up to two trade missions. The total allocation within the competition is EUR 50 thousand.

More information about the competition Support for creating a partnership – Travel Grants.

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