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30 December 2022

Blue Growth grant scheme – further projects recommended for co-financing

At the end of 2022 there were savings generated in the “Business Development and Innovation” Programme at the amount of EUR 4,5 M. These savings result from the fact that some previously recommended applicants withdrew from signing project contracts, or terminated the contracts they had signed.

Owing to the savings, the budget of the second call for proposals in the Blue Growth grant scheme has been increased to EUR 25,857,573.00.

This has made possible supporting six projects that lead the reserve list.

The List no. 2 of the six projects recommended for support was published in the announcements on the Polish-language website of the Blue Growth scheme „Wyniki” on 30 December 2022. Expenditure incurred by these projects beneficiaries will be eligible for co-financing since that date.

The above-mentioned change to the scheme budgets has also been introduced to the Announcements of the Calls for Proposals of 19 November 2019, with the updated budget amounts for each scheme.

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