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New products and investments

Milling, fractionation and calibration of rubber granules


Vinderen Sp. z o.o.

Project value

11 168 400,00 PLN

Value of Grant

951 826,31 EUR

The name of the operational program

Norway Grants

Measure/ Grant scheme

Green industry innovation

Project description

Vinderen is going to launch a new product - active dust based on rubber granulate, to be sold under our Rubtiler brand offering rubber recycled from used tyres. Active dust is a functional compound produced from innovative, calibrated and geometrically standardised rubber granulate obtained in the tyre recycling process. The new technology will allow us to produce granulate with very fine graining including dust, which will make it possible to press and refine the dust, and in effect – to use it in an array of applications aiming to protect surfaces from the effects of nonstandard levels of humidity, temperature, pressure or contact with body fluids. The product will be used in solutions for sports halls, fitness centres, playgrounds, swimming pools and gymnasiums. We will also offer granulate enriched with bacteriostatic and biocidal additions, to be used in materials of high hygienic requirements, widely applied in the medical, fitness and transport industries, and public places such as shopping malls. The project includes the design and installation of a technological line for functional mixtures based on calibrated and standardised rubber granulate, and the purchase of a sensor and IT system for automatic control of manufacturing process parameters and the final product. We will reduce CO2 emissions by over 469 t/year, which will be achieved by reducing the stream of waste deposited in landfills and the management of used car tyres while minimising production waste. The project will have a Norwegian Parner - International Development Norway AS whose role will be to stimulate the digital transformation process in Vinderen factories, aiming to the full implementation of the IoT-solution Industry4SME. Through the use of digital technologies in the areas of automation, real-time data monitoring and integration of production data with our IT system, we will gain significant improvements in productivity, quality, flexibility, and service.

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