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Cluster Benchmarking in Poland – 2014 (EN)

Seria: Innovations

Rodzaj publikacji: Report

Rok wydania: 2014

Język: EN


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Considering characteristics of cluster structures that are demonstrated by a range of surveys, their develop ment is seen as a major factor that could be driving the innovation and competitiveness of the European and thereby of the Polish economy. Evaluating how far cl usters in Poland have become effective instruments of economic development and primarily determining specific mechanisms that may contribute to taking more advantage of clusters to enhance the innovation and competitiveness of enterprises and regions is th e issue at stake.

This Report summarises the results of a survey conducted as part of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development’s initiative named Cluster Benchmarking in Poland – Edition 2014 . The present benchmarking survey comes as the third in a s equence, after the editions of 2010 and 2012. This survey was conducted among 35 clusters based on a dedicated methodology developed in 2008 and then modified by a team of experts in 2010 and 2012. Opinions by members of clusters examined have been a valu able addition to the research methodology in the current edition of the benchmarking. The survey intended to assess quality and effects of cluster operation from the viewpoint of their constituent entities. A total of 618 entities out of 1917 members of 35 clusters subjected to benchmark analysis took part in the survey.

Spis treści

2.Summary of results
3.Objectives,  scope  and  methodology  of  cluster  benchmarking  in  Poland  and  cluster member opinion survey
4. Characteristics of clusters in Poland
5. Cluster resources
6. Processes in a cluster
7. Cluster performance
8. Cluster growth potential
9. Cluster evaluation by cluster members
10. Recommendations for various stakeholder groups

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