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Sectoral Human Capital Study II (BBKL II)

Marketing Communications sector

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Rodzaj publikacji: Raport

Rok wydania: 2022

Język: EN


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We are happy to share with you key results of the first edition of our research project Sectoral Human Capital Study II (BBKL II) in the Marketing Communications (MC) sector. The aim of BBKL II project is to increase knowledge on current and future demand for skills in 10 sectors of the Polish economy.

The research project combines two editions, each of them includes a broad array of qualitative methods (including Delphi with 40 respondents) as well as a quantitative survey on a representative sample of 800 employers and 800 employees holding key job positions. The first edition was conducted between February and August 2021.

In this brochure you will find chosen survey results concerning the MC sector - for example: basic information about the sector, key business processes noticed in the sector, demand for employees, challenges faced by employers, some information about impact of COVID-19 on the sector and methods of coping with the pandemic, balance of competences (based on employers’ and employees’ perspectives) as well as some trends in the sector or possible directions of sector development.


More information about the results of Sectoral Human Capital Study II (BBKL II) in the Marketing Communications sector is available in the Report (in Polish):

Spis treści

Table of contents:

About the study

Research methods

About the sector

Key business processes in the sector

COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the sector

Negative and positive effects of the pandemic

Methods of coping with the pandemic

Demand for employees in the sector

Most wanted employees in the sector

Balance of competences (skills)

Trends in the sector

Challenges faced by employers

Best ways to motivate employees

Actions taken when employees lack skills

Possible directions of sector development

Employment forecasts for the sector

Skills of the future

Development scenarios

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