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Autorzy: Eryk Rutkowski, Jakub Marszałkowski, Sławomir Biedermann

The game industry of Poland – report 2021

Rodzaj publikacji: Report

Rok wydania: 2021

Język: EN

ISBN: ISBN 978-83-7633-451-6

Wydawca: Polish Agency for Enterprise Development


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Here's THE report on the gaming industry in Poland. It includes profiles of more than 180 Polish gaming companies.

"The game industry of Poland - report 2021" is the second edition of a publication prepared by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP) aimed at bringing the Polish gaming industry closer to the international community. Published as part of a project financed by the European Union, the report contains updated statistical data taking into account the period of the pandemic, which influenced the entire global economy.

The aim of this edition of the report was not only to emphasize the undeniably high position of the domestic gamedev in the international environment, but also to show other strengths of the industry in which we are successful in the international arena, including such areas as distribution, game localization, external development, assets production, or quality assurance.

Computer games, and more specifically gamedev (video game development), is a relatively young and at the same time the most dynamically developing branch of the creative industry. Over the last dozen or so years, the gamedev industry has developed on an unimaginable scale. Only in 2020 in Poland, the revenues of the sector, understood as the production of games, amounted to EUR 969 million. Taking into account the fact that people are increasingly looking for entertainment in the virtual world, its further development prospects seem equally optimistic.

Spis treści

  • The thriving game industry
  • The Donkey's journeyThe success story of Donkey Crew
  • Employment, structure and export potential
  • The most gamer-friendly place on Earth The success story of GOG.COM
  • Trends, strengths, and growth factors of the Polish game industry
  • Big, bigger, HUUUGEThe success story of HUUUGE Games
  • The game market in Poland
  • Sometimes you have to fall before you fl yThe success story of People Can Fly
  • Methodology and data sources
  • Linguistic lighthouse to ship your game globally The success story of Roboto Global

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