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18 August 2023

Polish designer and manufacturer of watches is looking for commercial and manufacturing partners


The Polish company was established as a result of a merger between experts from the watchmaking and design industries, collaborating closely with fashion designers, stylists, and artists. The founders brought more than twenty years of experience in developing the creative sectors of fashion and design for watch industry, along with a proven track record of successful investments in international brands that embrace attractive creative trends.

The company owns several proprietary brands, created based on accumulated knowledge, innovative ideas, unique designs, and high-quality production.

Key Points about the company for B2B projects:

  • they have been designing and manufacturing watches for several years, gaining extensive expertise in the field.
  • their top-of-the-line watches serve as original and luxurious advertising mediums for companies.
  • they offer an opportunity for companies that highly value a sophisticated and high-class image.
  • with their wide range of technicians and longstanding know-how, virtually any design idea can be transformed into reality.
  • partners' company name, product image, or logo can be elegantly and impressively communicated to the world through the offered watches.
  • their customer base includes renowned brands and companies from various industries such as banking, sports clubs, and automotive sectors.

The company utilizes numerous innovations in their projects. In addition to manufacturing analog watches, they are capable of developing smartwatches with a wide range of useful features.

The company possess the knowledge and technology to facilitate payments through their products, including analog watches. These capabilities provide opportunities for collaboration with numerous banks worldwide.

The company is currently seeking distributors, retail networks, and high-standard online stores to establish trading and manufacturing partnerships in other EU countries and worldwide.

Additionally, they are looking for partners interested in creating a unique product, whether it be a watch or a watch brand, for their networks or companies.

For more information you can contact:

Magdalena Zwolińska – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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