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21 August 2023

Polish producer of freeze-dried vegetables, herbs and spices is looking for distributors and investors


Polish start-up established in 2022 from passion to healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle offers a mixture of 9 freeze-dried vegetables and 3 freeze-dried herbs, with a bit of salt and some spices (pepper and turmeric). The company is looking for distributors in the EU, Asia and Africa. It is also open for cooperation with potential investors in terms of extending their offer with new products.

The vegetables made by the company are crunchy and aromatic, herbs give depth of flavor and aroma, while spices complete the whole composition. Composition is 100% natural, without the addition of preservatives, flavor enhancers, aromas and food colorings. It contains only naturally occurring sugars, has a high content of dietary fiber and it is a source of protein and is vegan- friendly.

Additionally, this product has 1,5 year shelf life  -long expiration date - no loss of nutritional values.

It is packed in a plastic jar made of 100% recycled PET.

For more information you can contact:

Agnieszka Promianowska - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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