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14 December 2023

Norway grants support innovations addressing fertility challenges in Poland

In Poland, with a population of 38 million, only over 100 doctors specialise in reproductive medicine, significantly hindering access to specialised care. The prevalence of lifestyle diseases and delayed motherhood decisions further compounds infertility issues. To tackle these challenges, Polish entrepreneurs and scientists developed an innovative application for monitoring fertile days. This project received financial support from the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP) under the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.

Fertility disorders affect one in five couples. Data from the Central Statistical Office in Poland (GUS) reveals that just over 305,000 children were born in 2022. However, limited access to specialists presents a significant challenge, hindering preventive measures and reproductive health treatment for families planning to expand. Addressing these issues, the "Internationalisation and innovation development in a mobile application supporting fertility and pregnancy efforts" project was launched, contributing significantly to enhancing the quality of life for aspiring parents.

Implemented by a company Lifebite Katarzyna Goch project, received 120,522.74 euros in funding from Norway Grants. These funds granted from the "Small grants schemes for female entrepreneurs" in the focus area of welfare technologies, were dedicated to the development of the iYoni application, making a substantial impact on the quality of life for couples navigating fertility challenges. The app delivers reliable fertility knowledge and personalised preventive recommendations, improves health habits and also offers psychological support during crucial moments tied to planning intimacy on specific days of the cycle.

An artificial intelligence-based tool enhances the precision in fertility forecasting and early detection of disorders, achieving an impressive accuracy of around 91%.

Katarzyna Goch, CEO of the company iYoni App, emphasizes:

"We combine technology, medicine, and AI to support fertility, treat infertility and help couples managing their intimate lives. By reducing stress and costs associated with unnecessary visits and procedures, we provide professional support on their mobile devices and in comfortable conditions." She adds: "We received funding from the Norway Grants for the development of innovative app features and the preparation for internationalization. It was a milestone in our development. Thanks to this support, we introduced medical features that allow for a fertility self-diagnosis, the assessment of tests, and even an infertility treatment. The effects of the project implemented under Norway  Grants continue to benefit us today."

The iYoni application boasts two key features: iYoni MED, enabling self-diagnosis and infertility treatment planning, and iYoni for Couples, supporting relationships and couples’ intimate lives. By March 2023, it had garnered immense popularity, with over 130,000 users from 176 countries, achieving an average rating of 4.7/5.

Norway Grants

The project "Internationalisation and innovation development in a mobile application supporting fertility and pregnancy efforts" was supported under the "Business Development and Innovation" Programme financed from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021. The funds were sourced from the "Small grants schemes for female entrepreneurs," aiming to enhance the entrepreneurs' competitiveness by developing or implementing innovations in one of these three focus areas: environmentally friendly technologies – green industry innovation, innovations in inland or marine water areas – blue growth, and technologies improving the quality of life – welfare technologies.

Norway Grants provided support for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises undertaking projects in Poland, playing a significant role in Norway's commitment to the development of Europe with a focus on environmental, competitive, and socially integrated projects. Simultaneously, the funds played a crucial role in reducing social and economic disparities and enhancing economic cooperation with beneficiary countries in Central and Southern Europe and the Baltic Sea region.

The project "Internationalisation and innovation development in a mobile application supporting fertility and pregnancy efforts" is a current example of an innovative approach aiming to improve the quality of life and women's health. This initiative played a significant role in expanding women's access to professional medical support during efforts to conceive, as well as in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility – irrespective of their place of residence and economic status.

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