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New products and investments

Diversification of production in the GEO-EKO company by implementing an innovative anti-smog window ventilator.

Project value

7 766 760,00 PLN

Value of Grant

782 927,23 EUR

The name of the operational program

Norway Grants

Measure/ Grant scheme

Green industry innovation

Project description

GEO-EKO is a manufacturer, installer and distributor of equipment for ventilation systems. We constantly strive to adapt our offer to the expectations of customers, as well as to improve the health and greening of society. Polish cities are among the most affected by smog in Europe. Under the project, we will develop a ventilation device to purify the air entering the premises from outside, to be installed in the window frame. With the tightly sealed windows now produced, and very limited natural air flow, the role of window trickle vents is becoming crucial. The product will be offered to individual customers (residential buildings) and institutions (public buildings) which use gravity or mechanical ventilation systems, as well as to window manufacturers. It will use both HEPA and ULPA type filters. The project covers: the construction of a production hall for an anti-smog window ventilator, the purchase of production line equipment, purchase of a ground heat exchanger preparation and recovery system and purchase and installation of photovoltaic panels, development of documentation, preparation of a model and a prototype of the ventilator, testing carried out by an R&D unit and purchase of a licence for a mobile application to manage the ventilator. The implementation of the new product will reduce CO2 emissions in our company by 170.86 tons per year.
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