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New products and investments

EcoBrewery - diversification of production through the marketing of new organic products.

Project value

9 376 991,10 PLN

Value of Grant

987 739,59 EUR

The name of the operational program

Norway Grants

Measure/ Grant scheme

Green industry innovation

Project description

The bio food market in blooming in Poland, and last year we noted a 20% rise in inquiries related to organic beer. We are a craft brewery called Browar Maryensztadt, and our EcoBrewery project aims at launching five organic product lines, and making the production processes more environment-friendly. The project will make us the first craft brewery in Poland to introduce products certified with “Euroleaf” trademark for the strict EU bio farming. Those will be: organic beer, organic nitro cold brew and organic kombucha. In addition we will offer organic filtrate flour with highly nutritious properties, and dried yeast – a very nutritious animal feed additive to be sold to farmers, and yet unavailable in Poland. Formulas and prototypes of these products have been developed in the course of R&D works in our own laboratory, and will be tested further under the project. The environmental effect of the project includes yearly reduction of CO2 used in the production process by 4,6 tons, yearly waste reduction (mainly post-production filtrate) by 21.540 tons, and yearly reduction of energy consumption by 0,05 GW. These will be achieved due to: reuse of biowaste (spent hops and grain) for heating;  complete use of filtrate waste to produce flour; installation of solar panels for energy production; reduced use of gas for water vapour production; use of nitrogen in the production process instead of CO2; and reduced use of pallets and sacks for packing malt, and elimination of packaging foil. The project will cover adaptation of the existing production hall for the needs of the new manufacturing lines that need to be separated from the non-organic production, purchase of production machines, purchase of photovoltaic panels to be installed on the roof the brewery, development works and certification services.
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