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New products and investments

An inclusive system of services supporting the choice of foreign education via POST PLUS.

Business partner

Polsk Senter AS

Project value

4 203 382,30 PLN

Value of Grant

531 984,25 EUR

The name of the operational program

Norway Grants

Measure/ Grant scheme

Welfare technologies

Project description

Think Poland promotes the educational offer of Polish universities abroad, primarily through the „Think Poland” portal where people interested in studying in Poland may browse through the current offer of academic centres. Under the project we are planning to extend our service range, and create a new portal named POST PLUS, and targeted solely at people with disabilities of various kinds concerning their mobility other physical or sensory performance, such as sight defects. Our portal will be an intermediary helping people with disabilities to choose their: university courses, language courses and vocational training, accommodation, foreign travel insurance, apprenticeship and jobs, plus offering the preparation of recruitment, visa and travel documents. The project costs will cover: the purchase of a license for new components of the POST PLUS system, the creation of the skeleton mobile application and of the web portal including a visa system; marketing and legal advice as regards customizing the system to the needs of the sensitive target group; development works to adapt the presently used licensed resources to the system needs and to include the needs of the target group; preparation of innovative technological solutions; result analysis of the solutions under testing by a research unit, and system validation.
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