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New products and investments

Innovation in the area of port services - STRANDA sp. z o.o.

Project value

5 936 506,98 PLN

Value of Grant

780 073,57 EUR

The name of the operational program

Norway Grants

Measure/ Grant scheme

Blue growth

Project description

Stranda runs a lakeside hostel centre comprising a marina for 200 boats, a tavern for 240 guests and tourist cottages with 42 beds. It is a 1970s infrastructure which has been partly renovated, and our aim is to fully restore its former activities by launching services such as holiday stays with sailing courses or sailing camps and schools. That will be possible thanks to the planned increase in the number of accomodation beds through the construction of 12 fishermen's houses, as well as the introduction of services in the area of water tourism, including fishing lessons, cooking workshops, sightseeing workshops, angling platform, relaxation zone service, fishing on a boat, sightseeing tours on the Great Lakes Trail. These activities will contribute to extending the tourist season. The project also includes the construction of a utility building with a system for emptying toilets from yachts and the modernisation of sanitary facilities. The investment was based on the idea of protecting waters from the harmful effects of water tourism in the harbour area and consequently in the lakes. The concept of the new infrastructure was based on the principle of maximum water protection. This includes the overall concept of site development, application of RES, equipping the electric poles with adapters for charging electric drive units, construction of sewage system (so far, the harbour area has not been connected to the municipal sewage system), a system for emptying toilets from yachts and a pumping station. It is worth mentioning that tourists are often unaware of the havoc caused by, among other things, illegal dumping of waste from yachts, and do not know how to use lakes in protected areas. Therefore, we also plan to implement environmental education.
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