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Fundusze Norweskie

Beneficjent: Gabinet Fizjoterapii Marta Ryszkiewicz-Poborca


Innovative rehabilitation services for children with disabilities

Project value

89 828,00 PLN

Value of Grant

13 820,78 EUR

The name of the operational program

Norway Grants

Measure/ Grant scheme

Schemat małych grantów dla przedsiębiorczych kobiet

Small Grants Scheme for female enterprises

Project description

I run a physical therapy office which provides rehabilitation services mainly for children with disabilities. I offer diagnostics of movement disorders, and individual therapy. Technological progress and market requirements for more precise diagnosis and faster therapy results made me come up with a project to develop two innovative rehabilitation services dedicated to children with disabilities. The aim was to improve their motor functioning. One of the services covers the full diagnosis of body posture and gait with a view of assessing movement disorders, and the other is focused on individual approach with vibrotherapy. 

Under the project I purchased specialized equipment for diagnosis: FreeMedPosture for examination of body posture and gait, KINEOD for 3-D analysis of the back and lower limbs, a diagnostic podoscope to assess feet shape and function, and a Galileo platform for vibrotherapy. The project also covered the development of a diagnostic and therapeutic protocol which includes tests and therapies performed with the new devices. Comprehensive examination with reliable results enables faster and more professional assessment of movement disorders in patients. Reports generated by the software installed in the devices provide me with objectively measurable functional parametres that are repeatable. That helps me define precise and detailed rehabilitation goals in the short and long terms. The targets are achieved faster when we can focus on most important deficits. Also, the introduction of vibrotherapy has resulted in faster betterment of my patients’ functional condition.

The improved services I offer thanks to the project are attracting increasing numbers of patients/ parents of children with disabilities. Although the duration of diagnosis has shortened from 60-120 to 30 minutes, and the achievement of rehabilitation results in patients has accelerated, I am not able to treat all comers. I perform four times more diagnoses than before the project implementation. I am planning to expand my practice shortly, and hire new therapists, as the measurable diagnosis lets me transfer the method to others, and not to have to participate in each session in person. Numerous patients are now referred to my practice by other therapists for diagnosis with the innovative devices. I can therefore help many more patients thanks to these innovations, and indirectly improve the quality of rehabilitation services rendered by other practices.