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Competency development

Internationalization and development of innovativeness of the mobile application supporting fertility and trying to get pregnant.


Lifebite Katarzyna Goch

Project value

641 550,00 PLN

Value of Grant

120 522,74 EUR

The name of the operational program

Norway Grants

Measure/ Grant scheme

Schemat małych grantów dla przedsiębiorczych kobiet

Project description

Even every 5th couple experiences fertility disorders, and the scale of infertility is growing. At the same time, access to reproductive medicine doctors is limited (in Poland, with a population of 38 million, there are only 104 such doctors, and it is similar throughout the EU). Hence the need to develop a mobile application supporting pregnancy attempts and infertility prevention. The application has responded to the needs of couples trying to have a baby, as regards access to scientific knowledge on the factors affecting fertility, improvement of health habits, individual recommendations, increasing the partner’s involvement in the efforts to have a baby, and psychological support in difficult emotions resulting from planning intercourse on specific days of the cycle.

Our application has two key features:

  • iYoni MED, developed by fertility experts, facilitates self-diagnosis, and planning of tests and treatment of infertility. The user can initially assess her and her partner's fertility, analyse the results of hormone and semen tests, and receive support in preparing for, and during, treatment.
  • iYoni for Couples, developed by psychologists and sexologists, helps to take care of the relationship and sex life - it facilitates the transfer of information between partners, e.g. about the fertile period, cycle and mood, and communicating needs regarding sex life (it includes internal communicator, intimacy barometer, and advice from sexologists).

The project costs covered the creation of content and IT system, translation of the content, and mentoring regarding commercialisation of the app. We used AI models for precise fertility prediction and early detection of fertility disorders (accuracy of ~91%).

The iYoni app is available in Google Play and App Store in 13 languages. By March 2023 it was installed by >130,000 users from 176 countries, and the average rating is 4.7/5 (based on over 1,000 reviews, after >100,000 downloads).

The project has increased women's access to professional support when trying to conceive and during infertility diagnosis and treatment - regardless of place of residence and economic status. Also, iYoni reduces costs (for the patient and the system), and reduces stress, maintaining intimacy. It is an egalitarian, scalable, research-based solution. It will be developed in a patient-centric model, and as a tool to support medical facilities, clinical trials and national health programmes.