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New products and investments

Purchase of new equipment to decrease energy consumption of the production process


OW-Plast Jerzy Wiłkowski

Project value

4 459 980,00 PLN

Value of Grant

347 516,18 EUR

The name of the operational program

Norway Grants

Measure/ Grant scheme

Green Industry Innovation

Project description

OW-Plast manufactures plastic frames for lipsticks, which are supplied to cosmetics producers, mostly abroad of Poland. The main project objective was to reduce energy intensity of the frames production, as well as to reduce material waste generated in the process of manufacturing. As much as 31% of the moulded plastic was wasted in the production process before the project implementation.

That process innovation was achieved through the purchase of injection moulds with hot nozzles (operating without waste), and electric injection moulding machines, which use up to 60% less energy than the hydraulic ones used to-date. The replacement of injection moulding machines eliminated hydraulic oil from the production process, which had to be treated as waste after use. As a result of the project, OW-PLAST has reduced its annual production of waste by 26 tons, and its annual energy consumption by 0.04 GWh, which translates into a reduction in annual CO2 emissions by 25.55 tons.

The efficient, waste-free production process boosted our competitiveness and customers' satisfaction. OW-PLAST has been able to reach new customers, for whom features such as full dimensional repeatability, highest durability and guarantee of deliveries without quality defects are a pre-condition for starting cooperation. In addition, new and efficient technological solutions bring increased profitability of current sales. We increased production volumes without having to purchase/expand premises.